Mac OS GUI version listed on

Posted on Wednesday 26 March 2008

The Mac OS X GUI version of the simulator was recently listed on Apple’s software download page for Unix and Open Source applications available for Mac OS, a link to which is built into every Mac. Not surprisingly, there were almost a hundred downloads of the packaged GUI in the first few days. Not bad for an academic research tool.

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HiPEAC 2008 Tutorial

Posted on Saturday 23 February 2008

The Sunflower Tool Suite HiPEAC 2008 tutorial, held in Göteborg, Sweden, at the end of January, was a great success! Thanks to all those who attended. All the participants received a printed tutorial guide with a summary of the material to be covered, a DVD with the source for the simulator, benchmarks, the necessary GCC cross-compiler sources, the hardware designs of the various Sunflower hardware platforms, and the source for the simulator GUI (which are all also available online); participants also received a free t-shirt.

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