Research in any field requires tools that enable the modeling of system characteristics of interest. Such tools, whether analytic, simulative or hardware, must enable the accurate representation of all the aspects of a system that may influence the system’s perceived utility.

Software tools (notably, simulators) provide low cost of entry, flexibility, and low turn-around time in investigations, but often abstract away some hardware details, with loss in accuracy and realism. Hardware implementations provide the ultimate proof of concept, but are usually expensive, inflexible, and not always designed to expose all possible system parameters to researchers; they are also often not actively evolved over time as research platforms in their own right.

SFLR is a suite of tools, comprising the Sunflower full-system (embedded microarchitecture, networking, power, battery and analog signal) simulator, a miniature energy-scavenging hardware sensor platform, and a handheld interface device. The suite is intended to provide a complementary and comprehensive platform for research in micro- and system-architectures for embedded systems, with attention to energy-efficiency, reliability, and ecological impact.