Current version-controlled source archive releases (’tip’ of Hg source repository)

Latest stable version-controlled source archive releases (April 14 2008)

Latest stable GUI binary releases (April 14 2008)

Old Pre-compiled Binaries (circa 2006)

NOTE: The old GUI versions were experimental, and simulations via the old GUI were slow; the current GUI (download via link above, or browse to the left of this page) is significantly improved in terms of performance. The console/command-line version of the simulator is always the fastest!

GUI MacOS 10.4.5 (X11, PowerPC) binary: sf-osx-10.4.5-x11-beta.2
MD5 (sf-osx-10.4.5-x11-beta.2) = 86ba7a1266ad95f69125655f63945dc4

GUI Windows 2000 binary: sf-win2k-beta.2
MD5 (sf-win2k-beta.2) = b0f7b22d2f2ad45bae3eb49209b61044

GUI Linux x86 binary: sf-linux-suse-beta.2
MD5 (sf-linux-suse-beta.2) = 33faefff0cde6bd257c71fe79de0d9f6

Console Linux x86 binary: sfconsole-linux-suse-beta.2
MD5 (sfconsole-linux-suse-beta.2) = 0dbf77983b7bb7a2604dcfd0734b412c